In recent years, glamping pods have revolutionised the UK tourism industry. Their popularity, in the main, is driven by unique design, affordability compared to equivalent luxury hotels and their quirkiness. Pods, resonate with us on another level, they tap into our psyche, offering us an escape from the norm, the opportunity to experience unusual environments, be different and pander to our need to reduce our carbon footprint.

These benefits have not gone unnoticed by cash-strapped, space poor homeowners. Today, glamping pods can be found in gardens up and down the country. Their undeniable success in the tourism industry is on the precipice of replicating in the lifestyle and home improvement markets too.

A bold claim, but what started life as simple wooden camping pods, designed to keep out the elements, have evolved into viable alternatives to traditional garden structures. Modern glamping pods, with their flexibility, comparatively low cost and green credentials, solve many of our lifestyle problems, whilst protecting our individuality.

The Benefits of Owning a Glamping Pod

Utilising treated wood, energy efficient insulation, green weatherproofing and various sustainable materials, pods offer us a unique way to expand our living space. As an added benefit, this is done, without the negative effects and inconvenience of traditional builds.

By their very nature, modern pods have the potential to enhance our personal well-being, reduce our costs and at the same time, fulfil our desire to protect the environment.

The benefits of owning a glamping pod go way beyond our mental and financial health. On a practical level, their flexibility in design solves our physical space problems and opens up a world of possibilities when it comes to increasing usable living space.

Occasional Use

After a hard day in the office, imagine de-stressing in your luxurious garden room. Even in adverse weather conditions, a pod can be a welcome retreat from the stresses of life.

For the hobbyist, man cave enthusiast and those of us who’ve outgrown the garden shed, a pod has the potential to become the perfect hideaway and haven from reality.

For unexpected visitors, wayward students or when you’re in the doghouse, your pod can double up as an occasional extra bedroom; it could even save your marriage.

Daily Use

We all want our children to play, but we want to protect them at the same time. A play pod is a safe environment whilst opening up a world of possibilities and adventure.  Better still, they can be adapted as your children grow; pods really are the stuff memories are made of.

If working from home is your priority, pods are the ideal alternative to the kitchen table. Removing the need for a daily commute, imagine working your magic among the smell of fresh wood and the sweet song of birds. If you crave a productive and relaxed office space, a pod is a perfect solution.

Green Eco-Friendly Homes

Collectively, a shortage of affordable housing and the success of larger pods have spurned a whole new industry. What was once an unrealistic quest for most is now a realisable dream for many?

Whether you want a new home or an annexe for your relatives, glamping pods and their incarnations could be exactly what you’re looking for.

Thousands of people now lead fulfilled, green lifestyles, thanks in no small part to eco pods and chalets. Whether it’s a pre-built cabin or bespoke, fully functional, palatial pad, your new home is limited only by your budget and imagination.

Are They a Cost Effective Alternative

Whether you want a glamping pod for extra space or to live in, their cost compared to traditional builds make them even more attractive.

Simple self-build pods for occasional use can be purchased for hundreds of pounds. If you are a DIY enthusiast, you can purchase plans, source materials and build your own unique pod at a fraction of the usual cost.

Bespoke pods with their unique design and utilities installed can run into the thousands of pounds. Compared to a brick built, labour intensive structure, the pod still proves to be an affordable alternative, and of course, in the long term, if you move home you can take your pod with you.

Depending on the size and use of your pod, you should investigate local planning and building regulations, which like any structure, can increase the cost of extending usable living space.

If you’re investing in a new home, even a fully built, connected, large pod compares favourably to traditional self-build homes. And, compared to buying a typical brick built home, tens if not hundreds of thousands of pounds can be saved.

As with any new home, especially new builds, there are incidental costs to consider. Land purchase, planning permission, building regulations, construction and legal fees all increase the costs of building a new home. Although, pods for residential use are not exempt from these fees, there is still potential to save thousands of pounds during the process.

Overall, glamping pods are an ideal solution if you need to extend living space on a limited budget. They offer an endless list of possibilities in terms of design, use and function. Pods have the potential to improve your standard of living, enhance your well-being; they are practical and most of all affordable.